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Festive Period Shipping Info

We all love a quick delivery ... we pride ourselves on our super fast & efficient shipping (check our TrustPilot reviews) Occasionally, Next Day delivery is not always physically possible though, especially on a Monday when we have from Friday 10am to complete or when we have had a promotion launch. On the run up to Christmas our processing time might extend to 2 working days, but this will be rare & minimal. If you'd like to know

Brand New Loyalty Scheme

Have you started your Christmas ordering yet? Now is the time, as we've just introduced a Loyalty scheme - woohoo! You receive 1 point per £1 spent, & can redeem these on your orders to save a bit of money (just remember to log in!) #christmasbonus #suppliesforcandles #christmasfragranceoils #loyaltyscheme

July 04, 2019

Important information regarding units of measure change

After some confusion with customers between ml’s and grams when working out candle recipes, we have decided moving forward to sell our fragrance oils in grams. That way it is much easier to work out total formula % having the wax and fragrance oil in the same unit of measure. This is standard industry practice and has been requested by several customers. The website will be updated as grams shortly, but we will continue to sell our bottles in

June 05, 2019

Cocktail Fragrance's CLP & SDS info has changed!

Hey everyone! Some important news regarding CLP & SDS's of the 10 cocktail inspired fragrances. We released some info on here about 6 weeks ago warning you all that we were changing suppliers of these 10 fragrance oils. This has happened for 4 of the fragrances: Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Watermelon Margarita & Rhubarb Gin. The new SDS's are online for these now. Any order made today for these 4 fragrances will require these new

May 03, 2019

CLP & SDS info is here!

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused due to us updating our CLP & SDS info. All of the technical info is the same & there has been no change in fragrance info. The only info we have changed is our address & other contact info. They will all begin to be re-uploaded from Tuesday 7th May.