We supply a range of botanicals and natural powders to enhance the appearance of your finished candles and make beautiful potpourri.

Where to use botanicals in candles.

It is important to only use these products on the outside of your pillar candle. Petals and dried fruits emit a fair amount of smoke so ensure to keep as far away as possible from the wick. As well as looking great, our dried fruits and petals contain essential oils which emit beautiful aromas without the candle even being lit! A great additive to any pillar candle. 

How do you make botanical candles?

Botanical candles can be tricky, and do require a few attempts before you get them right. The easiest way we have found to do it is using a four-step method. Step 1: Pour your pillar blend wax into a pillar mould with wick and all, then allow to set. This will be called the base candle Step 2: Once the base candle has fully set, select a slightly larger pillar candle mould and drop the base candle down the middle, there should be half a cm gap around the mould and the pillar candle. Step 3: Place your fruit slices and petals down the gap, exactly where you wish the fruits to be visible. Step 4: Pour the second layer of pillar wax around base candle and botanicals then allow to set. Carefully remove the mould to expose the botanical candle.