Candle Making Supplies

We at Supplies for Candles stock all you will need to make beautiful candles & provide you with all the support you may need along the way!


Supplies for Candles has fast become the number 1 choice for candle making supplies within the industry. From individuals to businesses, we have the highest quality candle supplies to suit your needs. We supply only the best candle waxes, world class fragrance oils, candle glasses & wicks to create professional grade candles.


If you are looking for wholesale candle making supplies, you have come to the right place, we have the lowest possible prices & the best customer service & experience around to aid you & your businesses growth.


What supplies do I need to make candles?

It’s good to know that you can buy your supplies all in one place! Here’s a summary of what you will need to get started on your candle making journey. You can also access our ‘How To Make Candles’ guide here.


Firstly, you’ll need something to melt your wax with. We sell Double Boilers, which gently melt the wax at a consistent temperature. Our Double Boilers are easy to use & can be used on traditional & induction hobs. Alternatively, you can use a pan, fill it with water & pop a bowl on top, which creates your own double boiler method. Thirdly, if you have a glass jug, you can use your microwave to melt your wax. Read our guide for more info on methods.


Thermometer’s are very important in candle-making – temperature is the difference between a good candle & a bad candle!


You will need a glass or metal jug to pour the melted wax in to. This is a jug which you will be adding colour & fragrance oil, so make sure you’re happy to use it as your ‘candle making jug’ in the future.

Now that the materials are out of the way, let’s discuss the variable materials. Afterall, if all candles were the same, how boring would that be? 


One of the most important products in a candle is the wax. Firstly, decide what wax you are wanting to use. Our top selling waxes are Soya & Paraffin wax. 


The second most important component is the fragrance oil; all our fragrance oils are exclusively made, premium quality & concentrated. 


Our candle wicks are all tried & tested; we have provided an approximate starting guide for which wick you will need, dependant on your container size. You will find the guide in the description section of each wick. We recommend the LX Series wicks if you are working with Paraffin wax, & either TCR Series or Eco Wicks if you are working with Soya Wax. 


Candle dyes are also available if you prefer a coloured candle. We have candle dye chips & candle liquid dye.


We stock small, medium & large candle containers (20cl, 30cl & 50cl). Our glassware is high quality & candle-safe. 


Additional products that will make your life much easier:

Wick Stick Ums are a game changer! They are double sided & stick your wick to the bottom of your container. These ensure your wick stays central.


Wick Centering Tool’s are another game changer; they make life much easier when it comes to keeping your candle wick central (it’s harder than it sounds, honestly). 


You can use any utensil really to stir your wax, & to stir in your colour & fragrance, just make sure you don’t want to use that utensil for food any more. A spoon will do the trick nicely.


Are you ready to start making candles at home?

You’ve come to the right place! Here’s our ‘How to Make Candles’ guide, along with a link to our Frequently Asked Questions.

For any queries or for more information please use our contact page or give us a call on 01709 588579.

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“Easy to order, great info on website, quick delivery. Thank you!” – Supplies for Candles client 27th November 2019.


“Really pleased I found this website, I’m new to candle making, but they have everything you need. The fragrance oils I bought are really strong, better than any bought candle. Delivery was pretty good, definitely use again.” – Supplies for Candle client 27th November 2019.