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What types of Candle Wax are there?

Supplies for Candles are a specialist wholesaler in candle wax. Candle wax can be broken down into two main categories - vegetable (natural) wax and mineral (paraffin) wax.

What is the difference?

A vegetable wax or ‘natural wax’ is made by hydrogenating vegetable oil. Oils such as soya bean oil and rapeseed oil are processed, ultimately turning a liquid oil into a solid wax. Candles made with vegetable wax can be marketed as a natural product because the candle wax is derived from a renewable source. A Paraffin or ‘mineral’ waxes is derived from petroleum. It is considerably the most popular choice for candle makers. Paraffin wax tends to be easier to use, and provides a better scent throw than vegetable wax. Paraffin waxes are odourless and a pale white colour. Vegetable waxes have a creamy, luxurious colour with a slight hint of vegetable aroma.

Which candle wax should I choose?

When it comes to choosing your wax, you must decide what type of candle you want to make!

There are 3 main types of candles, pillar candles, container candles, and votive candles. Container candles are the most popular type of candles and are the easiest for beginners to make. Pillar candles require hard wax, because they are not formed in a container and are free-standing. Pillar wax is also used for wax tarts as they shrink away from the mould for easy release. Votive candles are small in size and are typically placed into a container when burning. They are commonly used at weddings and in places of worship. Both vegetable and mineral wax candles will both burn cleanly if wicked correctly. The compromise tends to be paraffin wax scent throw against the marketing benefits of vegetable wax.

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