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Candle Wax

What are the different types of Candle Wax ?

Candle wax can be divided into two key areas – vegetable wax and paraffin wax

What is the difference?

Paraffin wax is is derived from petroleum and extracted from oil fields deep in the ground. Paraffin wax is used by most of the popular candle brands on the market today. Paraffin waxes are odourless and a pale white colour. They have good scent throw and generally easy to use.

Vegetable wax is made my altering the chemical structure of a vegetable oil, changing it from a liquid to a solid. Therefore the wax is a renewable source and much more eco friendly than the paraffin alternatives. Vegetable waxes have a creamy, luxurious colour with a slight hint of vegetable aroma.

Which candle wax should I choose?

There are 4 main types of candles, pillar candles, container candles, votive candles and wax melts. There is a paraffin and a natural wax option for all types of these candles.

Container candles are candles set within a candle holder. They are the easiest to make and the most popular type of candles. For these candles you would require a container wax.

Pillar candles free standing, usually tall candles which are set in moulds. For these candles you would require a pillar wax.

Votive candles are small in size and are typically placed into a container when burning. They are commonly used at weddings and in places of worship. A blend of container and pillar can be used for these candles.

Wax melts are best made with a pillar wax, this is because the wax melt will retract away from the mould and pop out easy.

Both vegetable and mineral wax candles will both burn cleanly if wicked correctly. The compromise tends to be paraffin wax scent throw against the marketing benefits of vegetable wax.