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What are liquid dyes?

Liquid dyes are an easy & convenient way to colour your products, most commonly used in candle wax. Liquid dyes are very highly concentrated & are available in a wide variety of colours, you can mix these colours, which means your colour palette is endless! Liquid dyes should be stored under ambient conditions with containers kept closed.


When should I use liquid dyes?

Liquid dyes are best used if you like consistency; they come in 15ml dropper style bottles, so it’s very easy to record your measurements & therefore consistency will never be a problem. You can use liquid dyes in all vegetable waxes & paraffin wax too. You may find you need to use more colouring in soya wax candles as oppose to paraffin wax. Find a starter colour shade guide below:


Usage in vegetable & paraffin waxes: 

Off-white Shades: 0.004% 

Pale Shades: 0.02% 

Medium Shades: 0.2% 

Dark Shades: 0.4% 

Black: 0.6% 


Usage in Gel wax: 

Medium to Dark Shades: 0.002%–0.010% 

Lighter Shades: 0.02%


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