The base allows quick, safe and simple manufacture of three products; Foaming Bath Butter, Foaming Sugar Scrub and Foaming Sugar Whip, which are ideal for small businesses or individual artisans.

How do I make them?

For Foaming Bath Butter simply melt the base, add fragrances, colours and essential oils and pour at 60°C for a smooth and creamy foaming bath butter. For Foaming Sugar Scrub, melt the base at 70°C and add an additional 50% castor sugar to the bath butter base. Add your desired fragrances, colours and essential oils and pour at 70°C for an exfoiliating yet gentle scrub. Alternatively, you can allow the sugar scrub base to cool to room temperature, then use a mixer to whip/beat the base, continue whipping and watch your foaming sugar whip rise until the desired volume is achieved.