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Paraffin wax or 'Mineral' wax is derived from petroleum which is drilled out the ground from oil rigs and refined. It is considerably the most popular choice for candle makers.

As paraffin wax is a pale white colour, candle dyes dissolve and disperse much easier in molten mineral wax than in vegetable wax. This means the wax takes to candle dyes much better than vegetable wax resulting in a beautifully even coloured candle. This gives the candlemaker much more creative freedom to experiment with colourful candles. You can try our candle dyes here. The main drawback for paraffin wax is it cannot be marketed as a natural product.

We have tried and tested a range of paraffin waxes over the years and we feel we stock the most superior waxes on the market today. Whether you are making container candles, pillar candles, votive candles or wax tarts, we have the perfect paraffin wax for you. Manufactured in the UK, we guarantee the highest quality wax and best performing candles every time. 

Ready to make your very own home-made Paraffin Wax candles?

You’ve come to the right place! Here is our Candle Making Guide which includes links to all the ingredients and materials needed.

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