EcoSoya CB-135
  • EcoSoya CB-135
  • EcoSoya CB-135

EcoSoya CB-135

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EcoSoya CB-135 Wax

Unfortunately, due to stock rationing and restrictions from manufacturer we are not able to order and supply EcoSoya waxes at the moment. As soon as we will be able to obtain a delivery date for it, we will update the website.

EcoSoya CB-135 is a fully formulated, single pour, all-natural soy container wax that requires no additives.

EcoSoya CB-135 has great scent throw and glass adhesion and pours with a smooth level surface. 

EcoSoya is sustainable, biodegradable, vegan friendly and made in the UK.

No animal products are used and no animal testing.

This comes in pellet form, making it easy to handle and measure and is white in colour.

Melting & Pouring 

We recommend heating this wax to around 70 degrees. Higher temperatures may cause the wax to discolour. Allow the wax to cool to around 60 degrees , add fragrance oil and mix well. Be sure to stir/mix the wax while melting. 


EcoSoya CB Advanced may be used with fragrance at levels up to 12%, add fragrance close to the pour temperate (around 60 degrees) for best results. 


You can use liquid and chip dye with EcoSoya CB Advanced.

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EcoSoya - CB-135- SDS

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EcoSoya CB-135-TDS

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