Full Bar Fragrance Oil Collection (10 x 50g Oils)

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Love cocktail fragrances? Grab the Full Bar collection here; which contains all 10 of our brand new cocktail fragrance oils. You save 10% by purchasing this collection, as oppose to purchasing individually. See fragrances & fragrance descriptions below. You will find all the relevant CLP & SDS info on the individual fragrance listings.

Piña Colada Fragrance Oil
A fruity cocktail of pineapple and orange zest first greet the nose, warmed by a heart of coconut cream and almond, all resting on a bed of toasted coconut and caramel.

Strawberry Daiquiri Fragrance Oil

Strawberry Daiquiri - Sharp hints of strawberry and raspberry open the fragrance, wrapped in a fruity punch of citrus bursts and apple skins. The heart blooms to life with a floral bouquet of jasmine and gardenia before coming to a close with golden caramel and peach accords.

Limoncello Fragrance Oil

Limoncello - Zingy lemon and lime are blended with green apple for a fresh opening, effortlessly transforming into golden lemongrass and lilies resting on vanilla cream and soft powdery musks.

Espresso Martini Fragrance Oil

Espresso Martini - A delicate blend of creamy coffee, amber and vanilla make this fragrance both delicious and indulgent, refreshed with hints of white florals and softened with light sandalwood accords. 

Cosmopolitan Fragrance Oil

Cosmopolitan -  A spicy twist on a classic cocktail. Raspberry and blackberry bursts are twisted with orange zest and heated with freshly ground clove and cinnamon at the heart of the fragrance. Vanilla flower and gooey caramel keep the sweet indulgence of this fragrance alive.

Rhubarb Gin Fragrance Oil

Rhubarb Gin - Perhaps the most popular gin on the market right now, this fragrance brings your favourite drink to a whole new level. Fresh rhubarb is crushed with juniper berries and grapefruit zest, shaken with fruity accords and a squeeze of lime added on top. This mixture is poured over cassis and freshly cut cucumber for a refreshing feel, warmed with sticky amber and linear woods. 

Gin & Tonic Fragrance Oil

Gin & Tonic - Green tea and citrus notes are shaken over ice with herbal accords, freshened with a squeeze of fresh lime and an aromatic twist of pine.

Kir Royale Fragrance Oil

Kir Royale - The fragrance opens with fresh green fig and red berries, wrapped together with accords of cassis and orchard apples. Lilies blossom to life along with dusky pink rose and jasmine, all tied together with a string of golden vanilla pods.

Peach Schnapps Fragrance Oil

Peach Schnapps - A colourful fruit bowl is filled with peaches and apricots, with the occasional orange fitting in-between the gaps. Stood next to this bowl is a vase of flowers containing roses, violets and fresh green leaves, the delicate floral scents mingling with the juicy fresh fruit in the air.

Watermelon Margarita Fragrance Oil

Watermelon Margarita - Crunchy watermelon and honeydew are sitting on a throne of green leaves, sweetened with orange juice and fresh raspberries. Delicate petals of lilies fall around as the heart of lychee blends effortlessly with a base of vanilla cream. 

Product specification.

Our fragrance oils are 100% concentrated. Compatible with our waxes up to 10%. Compatible with our reed diffuser base up to 25%. We always suggest to test all your candles and reed diffusers before placing bulk orders. Safety data sheet and CLP information for these fragrances are available to download on the specific fragrance oil listings, under the data sheet tab.

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