Pumice Powder
  • Pumice Powder

Pumice Powder

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Pumice Powder in 100gram resalable tubs.

Pumice is a volcanic rock made from rapid cooling of magma.

The rock is then crushed into a very fine powder (around 40 microns)

Pumice powder very gently exfoliates the skin leaving it vitalised and refreshed.

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Wonderful product! Used it with the massage soap mould and made some amazing exfoliating soaps.



I loved this powder, it's the first time I used it and was hesitant as the particles appeared to be too fine to provide a good scrub. (as shown in the photo) I created a foot scrub and found that this product was great as it did not dissolve as a sugar or salt would do, its eco friendly and does not block the drains as a clay would do, and would certainly order again. I would not recommend for a face scrub, but foot scrub and in small quantities for a body scrub this product is fine.

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Pumice Powder

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