CocoPro Melt Wax
  • CocoPro Melt Wax
  • CocoPro Melt Wax
  • CocoPro Melt Wax
  • CocoPro Melt Wax
  • CocoPro Melt Wax

CocoPro Melt Wax

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CocoPro Melt Wax 

CocoPro Wax (Formerly Rapeseed & Coconut Nature Wax -Nature Wax 660-55m) is made from coconut and rapeseed wax, it is 100% plant-based with no additives.

This product is sold in 10kg slab form. 

This wax is great for wax melts, pillar candles and tealights candles. 

CocoPro Wax is extremely thermally stable, so it can be heated to up to 90°C without adverse effects. 

It can tolerate repeated heating cycles without discolouration or malodour and has a very neutral base odour that is friendly towards fragrances.

The whiteness of this wax is also ideal for the addition of dyes and gives strong/vibrant colours.

Slight shrinkage on cooling allows easy demolding of even complex forms.

This combination of features makes CocoPro Wax the perfect wax for scented melts; It is also suitable for standard-size t-lights (scented or unscented), and small (< 60mm diameter) fragranced mini-containers. 

Wax Benefits:

  • Non-palm
  • Non- Soy
  • Non - GM
  • Non-Paraffin
  • Additive Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Kosher
  • Halal

Product Specifications: 

  • Pour 55-60 °C
  • Melting point: 50 °C
  • Fragrance: Holds up to 10%

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