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Soap Recipes

Lemon Drop Soap

How to make lemon drop soap.

What you will need:  

1 kg Clear melt and pour soap base
25ml Yellow water based colour
25ml Lemon essential oil
100g Lemon slices
Simple Pebble Soap Mould


25ml Lemon fragrance oil
100g Lemon peel cut
100ml Rubbing alcohol


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Step 1:

  1. Cut your 1 kg clear soap base in half, then cut one half into small chunks and place into a pan. Slowly heat the chunks until all chunks are melted, remember to regularly stir the soap and do not exceed 70°C.lemon-drop-soap-step-2[1]Step 2:
  2. Once the soap base has fully melted you can now add the essential oil and colourant, stir throughout this process and do not exceed 70°C. Slowly pour the essential oil into the melted soap, we used around 5ml of essential oil. Now carefully add the yellow colourant in the melted soap until you reach the desired colour, we used roughly 5ml of colourant.lemon-drop-soap-step-3[1]Step 3:
  3. Now pour the mixture into the soap moulds until they are half full.lemon-drop-soap-step-4[1]Step 4:
  4. Carefully place a lemon slice in the centre of the mould, leave the soaps to set for 10 minutes to keep the lemon slice in place. Rubbing alcohol can be sprayed on the soaps at this step to disperse the surface bubbles for a better finish. Keep the remaining soap mixture simmering ready to pour later.lemon-drop-soap-step-5[1]Step 5:
  5. Once the slices are firmly set into place, pour the remaining melted soap mixture on top to fully submerge the lemon slices, rubbing alcohol can be used again to disperse the surface bubbles. Leave the soaps to fully set for around 2 hours, or place in the fridge for 30 minutes.lemon-drop-soap-step-6[1]Step 6:
  6. Once your soaps are fully set, they should pop out the mould easily, if you are struggling to pop them out, allow them to set for a while longer. You have now completed your lemon drop soap bars!lemon-drop-soap-step-7[1]

Decorate with cut lemon peel and slices to enhance the look and smell of your soap bars.
You can now repeat the whole process with the left over ingredients to make another 4 soap bars.