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Our soap moulds are designed and manufactured in the UK, by Moulds Direct Limited. Moulds Direct is founded by the directors of the world’s leading soap base manufacturer Stephenson Group Limited. All our moulds are vacuum formed in 750 micron APET plastic, which means they are durable, reusable, 100% recyclable and can withstand temperatures up to 75°C, the perfect temperature for melt and pour soap making. Do not clean in dishwashers as most dishwashers will exceed this temperature. Every mould has four cavities which produce the same finished soap bar weight. Each cavity holds 125 grams of soap per cavity, with a 1.5mm air gap to avoid spillage. All four full cavities will use 500 grams/half a tray of melt and pour soap per mould. Our entire range of soap moulds are well balanced to make them stable on flat surfaces, consistent in size and produce a smooth soap bar every time, which is still fully functional for use and fits nicely in the hand.